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5 Character Ideas That Were Scrapped

Toy Story is a Disney/Pixar animated franchise that revolves around a group of toys and their adventures. With a total of four films, the franchise has become one of the most iconic in the history of Disney. Getting its own section of DisneyWorld in California, Toy Story brings out the child in all of us. With amazing voice acting from Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack, Toy Story is fun for the whole family.

While the films have become staples in any family household, Toy Story had the potential to be very different from what it is today. From Toy Story 2 almost being lost forever due to a technical error to Toy Story 3not being a Pixar production until Disney bought Pixar, each and everyfilm has had a number of ideas that were scrapped between ideation and the final cut. Here are five character ideas that were scrapped from Toy Story.


5 Shakes the Rattle

Sid in Toy Story looking at Woody
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Shakes the Rattle was a character spoken about in a deleted scene of Toy Story that took place after Sid blew up Combat Carl. When Buzz mentions teaching Sid a lesson, a toy ring speaks up about Shakes and how he was thrown out the window into Sid’s yard, where he tortured Shakes. The ring speaks about hearing Shakes’ screams, and ends with saying that Shakes was lucky because what’s in Sid’s room is worse than death. The scene was scrapped for being too scary for a children’s film, but Shakes was meant to teach the other toys about how dangerous Sid is.

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4 Señorita Cactus

Toy Story 2 Woody and Jessie
Walt Disney Studios

Señorita Cactus was a character created for Toy Story 2 that was meant to be a member of Woody’s Roundup before Jessie was ultimately created. In the original storyline, Señorita Cactus would’ve served as an antagonist alongside Stinky Pete. Considering that she would’ve been in mint condition, still in the box, she would’ve had a neat-freak personality while also harboring hostility towards Woody for his popularity over them. When the film was reworked, Señorita Cactus was replaced with Jessie, a cowgirl that was a member of Woody’s Roundup.

3 Cindy Scissors

Toy Story 4 Woody and Little Bo-Peep
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Originally brought into the concept art for Toy Story 3, Cindy Scissors was a doll who had legs that looked like scissors. At first glance, this character seems like a good idea, but the more you think about it, the character doesn’t really make such sense. She essentially is a doll similar to Barbie but with scissor-like legs, which is boring and forgettable, so it makes sense why Cindy Scissors was scrapped before making it to the development stage.

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2 Apology Bear

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The Apology Bear was essentially the Pixar equivalent of a Care Bear designed for Toy Story 3, serving as a regular teddy bear wearing a shirt with a smiling sun on it. Considering how close the concept art for Apology Bear is to the Care Bear design, it makes sense why he was scrapped before production began as he was most likely seen as unnecessary and likely to get struck for copyright reasons. In scrapping Apology Bear, Pixar made the decision to preserve their individual identity in the film. Of course, the main antagonist did wind up being a teddy bear that smells like strawberries, so perhaps Apology Bear was the inspiration behind Lotso.

1 Don B.B.

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story

Don B.B. was a tin toy designed for the scrapped Circle 7 version of Toy Story 3 as one of the recalled toys that Buzz Lightyear met when he was also recalled. While more than one design was brought forward in the concept art, the main one was a wind-up robot tin toy that wore a sombrero and held maracas while playing the mariachi theme on its music box. The toy was a decent design, but is a bit dated considering that the popularity of tin toys has dropped significantly over the years.

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