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Babysitter Tries To Seduce Husband, What Happens Next Will Shock You | Dhar Mann

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  2. plot twist: the wife accidentally hired his mistress who he met on set and they played along the whole time.

    i was really hoping for there to be a last scene where the guy and the actress walked off together laughing about the situation

  3. I worked as babysitter and I would never imagine attending someone's house for work dressed like her, or using the job to find a guy…

  4. that wife doesn't deserve that husband, trying to test him and trying to sabotage their relationship. manipulative narcissistic insecure .. quite frankly dangerous… the type of woman who'd poke holes in a condom to get pregnant "accidentally". giant ref flag, guys if u ever get even a hint of a woman like this run

  5. Wow that was a very interesting video I must say from a mans point of view good for her doing that to test her husband and I must say both ladies are beautiful and gorgeous but the baby sitter was the one who was trying to seduce the wife husband I would never cheat on any girl that I go out with

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