Better Minecraft [PLUS] EP40 | Taking Down Blue Skies Bosses!

Today we tackle the Alchemist and the Summoner! Will be able to take them down?! What is Better Minecraft [PLUS]? Better …


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  1. If you ever want to try a mod pack in the future that's seems to be giving you spikes like this let me know. I had the same issues with the pack when running solo but for some reason it performed way better when I hosted it as a server and connected to the server. I believe it's just a cpu bottle neck with all the mods and terrain gen going and for some reason servers handle multi threading a lot better. Long story short. If you ever need it I can host with a 5950x, up to 32g of ram, and gigabit internet connection. Loved watching the series, appreciate all your efforts!

  2. Aauuww maaan really sad to see this pack end but oh well… Hopefully the modpack creators sort out the lag issue for others that want to play it.

  3. Hey dude im back with some more tips cause ive been watching previous episodes and i noticed you still havent got these: you can fit into 1.5 block height places if you hold shift (kinda works as if you were ducking); if you hold down x (dont know if you changed it, its set up by default in this modpack) you can actually lay down to fit into 1 block height places which is convenient at times; you dont need to hold shift to take out items from item frames you just left click them. Nvm i just finished watching and saw that this is the last episode

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