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Husband Leaves Wife After Birth, Parents Then Teach Him An Important Lesson | Dhar Mann

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  1. I wish my ex husband understood what I was going through and was more supportive. His parents didn’t help either. I was alone in a new country with a newborn without help or anyone to talk to. I still feel the pain I went through but I’m resilient and I’ll get better.

    I’m in America without any family or friends. I keep going because of God and my lovely daughter.

  2. Aww I just love old people these days the couple in the video who are in their 60s 70s seemd so cute I can tell is that they really do love each other❤️🌹💘🌷☺️👩‍❤️‍👨

  3. Approximately 80% of postpartum women experience the “blues,” which are mild hormonal changes that take place within the first 48 hours after giving birth. These symptoms may last up to 6 weeks

    That's 4/5 women

  4. I’m still dealing with perinatal OCD 2 years after giving birth. They just showing you the crying and eating but they don’t mention the intrusive thoughts of harm and obscene images about your baby in your head and what have you, ppd is real and I’m fighting through it

  5. Postpartum depression 😢 😔 its real I been on hell and back …
    I have two beautiful girls 👧 i din not have with first daughter i have with second whe my ex left my …
    Take it seriously 😒 🙄 that's real 💯

  6. I was blessed to never have experienced postpartum depression through either of my 3 pregnancies. My babies are grown now. My husband never told me I looked nice when I did my makeup & hair, etc. He said I didn't need to do that for him. So, I eventually stopped. If he didn't care…why should I?!?! Still, he continues to Pont out women that look gorgeous, fantastic bodies, makeup, big boobs & trim waist, firm thighs. Points them out to me. Sometimes I want to do the same to him but it's just not me to do that.

  7. That kind of guy is just the kind of guy who makes you wish that cisgender men could get pregnant…
    I'm pretty sure it would make a lot of them a whole lot more responsible!

  8. Women like her are always sensitive especially abt what their own lover says when they don't even understand the pain their going through. Women always have to go through pain that men can't understand and feel, which is why they get mad at girls for it. They don't understand the pain, anxiety, and depression their going through bc they don't feel it. So it makes them mad at girls which makes things worse.

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