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If You're Ever Feeling Down On Your Luck | Dhar Mann

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  1. Keep Going!!!!!!It paradox who knows if it's good or bad??? That is the old age question keep faith and I think we're disappointed in something that's why we get really but really their loss loss loss whoever did something to you.

  2. This is a good story..
    I go back and watch your older videos and just think how much you have come along throughout the years.
    It's really amazing.

  3. amazing video!
    lesson of the story: “We never really know what’s good or what’s bad. What we have to do is to keep faith and most importantly, to keep going.”

  4. Guy: kills all my friends and family, keeps me in a room barely alive, and tortures me for the next 50 leaving me with ptsd if i do ever have the very unlikely chance to leave and survive

    Dhar man: thats good

  5. Thank you so much Dhar this inspired me to not give up on god because lately I’ve been having bad days at school and get angry about it and I started loosing my faith in god like how I ripped my new overalls in PE but after I watched this video I realized that the only problem is that I hadn’t believed that someday everything would change and that my luck would turn around

  6. My first Tiktok account was banned but my new account is so much better. On my first one, I got slot of views on some videos but I got chain mail videos or "spread The gospel ". Videos on my for you page. My new Tiktok account doesn't ever get those awful videos on my fyp. And I am getting more followers and I don't have a thousand views in any of my videos yet, but I will get there. I also had a YouTube account which has. Over one hundred subs but I forgot my log in info and I don't post on my new anymore. But I will when I have something to vlog. And when I get famous on tiktok.

  7. We can two people from the army coming to that village and forcing their kids to come with them to join the army you can't do that that's illegal because you have to be at least over 18 to join the army

  8. hmm why is going in car accidents 2 times is good? (the frist one was miner) (the second one was super painful, lungs were hurt very bad and liver was very burning like i can feel it i can feel my soul going up at once, when my eyes came back from the "white and black vision" the out side was not that bad, then got to the docters, i saw why i was burning in pain) HMMM i wonder why thats good having to suffer in life dhar mann.

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