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M3GAN Director Admits Feeling Pressured After the Success of the Film

M3GAN soared high and terrified the audience when it was released last January! The film reported impressive box office numbers, despite going up against James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar: The Way of Water. Due to the massive success of the film, a M3GAN sequel is now in development. In an interview with ComicBook, M3GAN director Gerard Johnstone shares what’s coming to the film’s sequel.

Since the film has been a huge hit, fans might be wondering what’s next for the Killer-Doll Slasher, and Gerard Johnstone doesn’t want to talk about details of the sequel that much. But the director admitted that they felt pressured on making the sequel as successful as the first one.


“Well, I can’t say too much about those sorts of things. All I can say is that I’m here in L.A. and been thinking about it, working on it, and I’m just catching up with them this week to talk about it and do a debrief. It’s really important to do a debrief on the first movie, like a post-game analysis, and look at what worked and how we can do it again. I mean, Jesus Christ, it’s difficult to replicate the success. No one was expecting that, so it’s daunting, but exciting at the same time.”

In the interview, the director revealed a project he’d love to do, and he plans to incorporate it in the sequel.

“Yeah, James Bond. It’s on every director’s bucket list. It’s like, “Let me do a Bond movie.” Well, let me do one movie first where the budget is a little bit more than 12 million dollars, and then maybe I can talk about doing a Bond movie. But yeah, there’ll be little coded “please let me make a Bond movie” scenes all throughout M3GAN 2.”

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The Director Admitted They Intentionally Added The Absurd M3GAN Dance in the Trailer

The director confessed that they were taken by surprise by the success of the film. Part of the reason why the film did well at the box office was because of the dance that was included in the trailer. Since the dance went viral on TikTok, people got curious about the film. Johnstone admitted that the dance was intentionally added to the trailer.

What was great about that dance being played in the trailer as much as it was, is otherwise the trailer was very straight, and I knew this would happen, that the trailer would come out, and they would market it as a straight horror movie. And I get it, because I almost did the same thing with Housebound, but that dance was like this great little Easter egg in there that’s told everyone, “Hey, this is kind of absurd.”

M3GAN is now available on Digital HD and hits Blu-ray and DVD on March 21st.

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