Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun | New Cave Snapshot

In todays video I speedran Minecraft on the newest Snapshot 21w06a, which includes the new cave update in 1.17. Im really …


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  1. Yeah i tried something different in this video. Instead of uploading from my stream i recorded this video and uploaded the uncut version. Hope you guys like the chill vibes and the commentary 🙂

  2. His exceptionally relaxed voice makes it seem like speedrunning isn't one the hardest, most nerve-racking, excruciating ways of playing Minecraft. Like beating 1.17 (accounting for gross pearl drop rng, brutes, harder terrain, no pie chart and also just released, which means very little practice and knowledge? Laggy as well??) in under 18 minutes is such a piece of cake. Like, dude, are you kidding? What a legend.

  3. You are the only Minecraft speedrunner who's videos I find relaxing to watch.

    I hope to see your name under an insane, long lasting WR at some point 🙂

  4. He is not cheating set seed is an option in speedruning lmao and he knows the seed structure's that's why he running in one direction and and checking the coords to find the bastion, stronghold and the fortress soo educate yourself before calling him a cheater

  5. Literally cheated ,custom seed , always running in a same direction , and looking at the coordinates so he can reach at the right location , cheater

  6. the title be like "omg im making a speedrun in the new cave update 1.17 !!!" and we just litterally saw a cave generation not even 7 secondes in that video. But the speedrun still good tho.

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