Minecraft Gameplay On AMD A8-6600K APU with HD 8570D

Texture Pack: Chroma Hills FPS: Min: 16 – Max: 122 = Avg: 71.277(with FRAPS) FPS: Avg: 96.894(without FRAPS ) Minecraft with …


Accelerated Processing Unit,1080p,High-definition Television (Accommodation Feature),Minecraft (Award-Winning Work),AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (Computer Processor)

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  1. a few fps I would go the minecraft with this pc?
    AMD A8 X4 6600K APU 3.8GHZ
    HD 500 GB S3 @64MB 3,5"

  2.  awesome vid dude.  I'm planning on building a rig w/ amd a8 6600, but I plan on using nvidia 1 gb gf 210 ddr. Because I read somewhere that radeon has no support for directx.  But then people say radeon is cheaper.  Have you had issues with radeon? Is there really a disadvantge with radeon?

  3. AMD A8-6600K 3.90GHz (4.20GHz Turbo) Quad Core Processor
    Radeon HD 8570D Integrated Graphics
    8GB RAM
    1TB Hard Drive
    Memory Speed: 1600 MHz
    Power Supply 400W
    Motherboard Gigabyte F2A58M-HD2
    Hard Drive 1TB SATA3 6Gbps

    It's godd pc ?

  4. Is this OK
    Amd a8 6600k apu corair 212 evo cooler
    16gb ram 1666mhz ddr3
    1tb baracooder 7200rpm
    650w PSU
    Mother bored: I forgot got 2 dim slots and 1 PCI 16x
    PCI 1x
    And another one which I have foggoton

    I might get this PC build if I sell my alienwere m15x
    Do you think it is worth it to sell my alienwere laptop for this

    Do you think I can play bf4?
    And I have subed and liked

  5. My pc specs are

    Case : Vantage Blue Midi Tower Case + 4 x 120mm Fans
    Power Supply : 500 Watt
    Motherboard : Gigabyte F2A55M-HD2
    CPU : AMD FM2 A8 6600K APU Quad Core CPU 3.9Ghz (turbo 4.2Ghz)
    Hard Drive : 1TB Seagate Sata 7200RPM 6Gb/s Hard Drive
    Memory :8GB DDR3 1600mhz Memory
    Graphics Card : ATI 8570D APU Graphics
    Optical Drive : 24 Speed Dual Layer DVD Writer
    Connections : 4 x USB 2.0 Rear / 2 x USB 2.0 Front/Side / LAN / Sound / VGA / DVI /HDMI
    Software : Drivers Only

    Would I be able to run bf4 on the lowest settings?

  6. this is the pc on amazon if you know in english money AMD A8-6600K 4.2GHz Quad Core Processor with Radeon HD 8570D please reply could i also be able to play games like battlefield dayz and gmod please reply

  7. AMD Radeon HD 8570D
    AMD APU A8 6600K
    4GB RAM (I don't know what's the MHZ and what brand of RAM.)
    Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Build 7600 6.1.7600
    A Gigabyte Motherboard (I also don't know what's the motherboard too. Anyway to find it by looking in the PC?)

  8. Building a pc but im very big noob. I already have the cpu amd a8 6600k. I need everything else tho but im on a pretty low budget. Any recommendations on a motherboard. Anything 75$ and under is fine

  9. would this work? (im new to pc gaming)
    AMD APU A8 6600K 4.2GHz Socket FM2 4MB Cache
    Corsair CXM 430W Semi Modular 80+ Bronze Power Supply
    G.Skill 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RipjawsX Memory
    Seagate 1TB Barracuda Internal Hard Drive 
    Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-HD2 A55 Socket FM2 VGA DVI HDMI 7.1 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard

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