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Poor Kids Get HUMILIATED At School, Ending Is SHOCKING! | Dhar Mann

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  1. The first story of how good deeds came back to the mom with the "Pay It Forward" note brought me to tears.
    The girl playing Samantha as the poor kid broke my heart and tears came down. I wanted to hug that child and help her.
    Your stories continue to be creative acts with great acting by your crew. Best wishes from Canada.

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  3. I'm 45 years old and we are still below middle class. No education, not even highschool, so I ended up becoming a truck driver. I put my wife through school and we raised both of our kids on a paycheck to paycheck living. Now it's just she and I and we're still living paycheck to paycheck. My parents divorced in 1989 when I was just a kid so we lived very poor. Sometimes we had to eat out of the dumpster behind our apartment where the restaurant was. Being poor is generational and has lasting affects if no one is there to help.

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