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Scream VI’s Terrifying Subway Scene Almost Didn’t Make the Cut

As the sixth installment of the iconic slasher franchise, Scream VI has generated significant buzz among horror movie enthusiasts. This time, the infamous Ghostface is taken to the bustling metropolis of New York City as the story moves away from the usual Woodsboro setting for the third time in the series. The new backdrop introduces a refreshing twist, leading to heightened tension and adrenaline-pumping chases between the killer and his victims. Among the most gripping scenes in the film is the subway sequence, where Ghostface stalks and terrorizes passengers during a Halloween celebration filled with numerous people donning the iconic mask.


In a recent interview with CBR, co-director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and executive producer Chad Villella opened up about their challenges while filming the unforgettable subway scene. The duo revealed that they initially struggled to acquire a subway car and make it suitable for filming, as it proved to be both logistically complex and costly. The team even considered cutting the scene from the movie at various points during pre-production.

“The challenges of getting that on screen started in pre-production when we learned that we had no idea how we were going to do this in terms of getting a subway car. In the back of our heads, we thought, “We’ll get a subway and retrofit it and make it look right.” Then, we found out that was off the table. We tried to get a couple in, but they were too heavy and were tipping. It would have cost a billion dollars. We had so many conversations about it. Thirty percent of pre-production was like, “How are we doing this subway sequence?”Villella: Weren’t there multiple moments where we were like, “Maybe we should just cut it?” Then, we were like, “Absolutely, under no f—-ng circumstances.”

However, the crew’s unwavering determination and collaborative efforts ultimately paid off. Every department, from set design and construction to costuming, joined forces to create a realistic, immersive environment that captured the essence of New York City’s subway system. The result was a seamless and authentic experience for the audience, making it hard to believe it was shot on a set.

“This was a testament to how great everyone on the crew was. Everybody worked together to figure it out, ”How can we get this? How can we build it? How can we create something that feels like it is moving?” This is a handshake between every department, including costumes. “Oh, we have to make 200 different costumes? They can’t all look professional?” It’s a long way of saying it was a handshake between every department, and they all exceeded our expectations. I remember when we got on set, the reaction was.”This is just the subway. I feel like we are in New York,” which is exactly what you want. It didn’t feel like a set. It felt like you were there.”

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Scream VI Co-Director Addresses Changes Made Following Neve Campbell’s Decision to Bow Out

Neve Campbell as Sidney in Scream 5
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Scream VI stars Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, and Courteney Cox, reprising their original roles alongside a talented ensemble of newcomers. The news that Neve Campbell will not reprise her iconic role as Sidney Prescott in Scream VI came as a disappointment to some, considering Campbell, alongside Courteney Cox and David Arquette, has been a staple of the series since its inception in 1996. The absence of Campbell’s character in the film is said to be addressed by the introduction of her on-screen husband, Mark. This addition to the storyline aims to provide a sense of continuity and appease longtime fans who might feel the void left by Sidney Prescott.

Scream VI co-director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin revealed in an interview with Collider that the production team had been aware of Campbell’s decision not to participate early in pre-production. This allowed them to make the necessary adjustments to the script, ensuring a seamless transition. Scream VI not only pays homage to the original series but also breathes new life into the horror genre, proving that Ghostface’s reign of terror is far from over.

Scream VI is currently playing in theaters.

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